Please don’t forget us! We are hungry and we depend on you.

Joe has been feeding and taking care of stray animals that are suffering and dying because of the Covid-19 endemic. She has government authorization for looking after these voiceless creatures. Please donate and extend you support.

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Bangalore, India


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We may not be as vocal as you, but our hunger is as painful as yours. 

The ongoing endemic due to the Covid-19 crisis has affected all us (stray animals) and we are left helpless and hungry with no one to care. But Joe and her group from Bangalore, have been feeding and medicating us (stray animals) living in and around the city. 

These poor voiceless creatures need our help to survive. There have been reports where animals are getting infected as well, and leaving them to die can cause further spread of infections and other viruses. We must prevent any such possibility and make sure that they are healthy and safe.

Joe and her group have been feeding all animals including dogs, cats, cows, birds, and even rats. Puppies and other animal babies need milk to survive. We have government authorization for looking after these animals and to medicate them from time to time.

We have daily requirements of millets, rice, soya, spices (or just biriyani masala), milk, dog/cat food, water bowls, reflection collars, medicines, and so on. We also need support in the form of labor, gas cylinders, stoves, big cooking vessels and rental vehicles.

Joe and her group have been putting in a lot of efforts to help us (stray animals) and they have incurred a lot of money. They may not be able to feed us further without your support. Please donate to feed us. We will survive only with your help. 

I have started this fundraiser campaign to seek help from all of you. Help us feed and take care of the animals. Many are dying out of starvation. Please donate and extend your support towards our cause. Stay safe.


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